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Thursday, 7 January 2010

How to Get 99 Str, Attack, or Defence on RuneScape

This simple adviser will appearance you how to accomplish money and get endless of fast backbone acquaintance and money on non-member runescape and p2p.


always abrasion the best armor you can in non members, try to get 40 defence and abrasion abounding rune.

in associates I advance you buy guthans for training in a lot of of the places that aren’t actual abutting to a coffer (ex.: spiders, bandits, and dagannoths)

also accompany the best armor you can afford, I advance dragon because it has acceptable defence stats and is adequately cheap.

use a rune scimitar in non members

in associates use a DRAGON SCIMITAR not a saradomin sword.

-dragon scimitar has bigger advance stats so it hits beneath 0’s, just assurance me on this.



super backbone potions, (strength aromatic for f2p)

super advance potions for mems


from akin 1 to 20 backbone alternation on either chickens or cows

-for cows, alternation at gnome bastion and coffer the cowhides through able-bodied Bill (he accuse like 1 cowhide per 9 he banks for you).

-for chickens, annihilate them in lumbridge coop, accumulate all the accoutrement to advertise in the approaching for food, armor, and weapons

from akin 20-40 annihilate beef crawlers in bastion of amateur security.

-flesh crawlers aren’t actual acceptable money unless you’re a member, but atleast the physique runes are something =)

from akin 40-60+ (f2p)

-giant spiders (level 50) in bastion of amateur security

-moss giants in varrock sewers, accompany a blaze agents for top alchemy

-ice giants, accompany blaze agents (located abreast anchorage sarim)

from akin 40-60+ (p2p)

-bandits (auto advance as continued as you accept a god account on(sara, guth, or zammy)) (good to accompany guthan’s actuality so you don’t accept to appear aback and alternating with food)

-dagannoths (low defence, auto advance for a while, not too crowded)

-ankou (great money, acceptable experience)

-soul wars (very good/fast xp)

-pest ascendancy (descent money, fast xp)

-armoured zombies (very fast xp, fast money, additional an chantry appropriate upstairs

any questions PM me (sir joshyman)

PS: I 99 backbone and would adulation to advice anyone out

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

RuneScape – Guide to 99 Cooking

Like any skill, getting 99 cooking may take awhile, despite being the fastest and cheapest of the skills. As such, patience is an absolute must, especially if you’re not rich. The skill can be mastered in any time from 2 weeks to several months but I encourage you to take regular breaks so you don’t get bored and quit. I have 99 cooking so I know what it’s like.


This is the least important part and does not really matter what kind of food you cook but I advise you cook the best thing you can that you will not burn. Cooking the best food you can won’t make a difference if half of it is burned. This part won’t cost a lot so just keep cooking whatever foods you want until 60.


For this part, I advise you cook salmon but if you have a lot of money, I would strongly recommend cooking tuna because it will go even faster but hold off on the lobsters because chances are, you might burn a number of them.

Salmon = 9, 140 (roughly 780k)

Tuna = 8, 226 (roughly 1.2m)


This part may make you quit if you lack patience. At this level, you can no longer burn lobsters which would be the best option here but continuing with tuna or salmon would be sufficient if you did not have much money.

Salmon = 27, 795 (roughly 2.4m)

Tuna = 25, 016 (roughly 3.6m)

Losters = 20, 846 (roughly 7.9m)


For those of you who have little patience, this part might make you quit seeing as it is the longest and most important part of getting 99 cooking. For free players, I advise you cook swordfish all the way to 99 since you can’t burn them. As for members, you may cook either monkfish or shark but both will require cooking gloves (obtainable from Family Crest Quest) if you hope to succcessfully cook lots of them. Monkfish and shark are the fastest options but may cost you quite a bit.

Swordfish = 67, 405 (roughly 38m)

Monkfish (with cooking gloves) = 62, 911 (roughly 36.5m)

Shark (with cooking gloves) = 44, 937 (roughly 67.5m)

Note: After cooking the fish, sell them and buy more fish, otherwise the prices above will be what you would pay without that cycle.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Charms for Runescape's Summoning Skill

What are charms for in Runescape? Well charms are used to create summoning pouches. Without them, the Summoning skill really isn't the same. Some are from thieving from the chests in Dorgesh-Kaan, but most come from monster drops and they usually are only one at a time unless it is a very strong monster. The charms aren't tradable on the Grand Exchange, so don't expect to just get them off the auction house. To get these you are going to have to spend the time to "farm" them. (Farm means to slay creatures solely for the want of a certain item)

There are different types of charms. There are gold, green, blue, crimson, abyssal, and obsidian. All are used in different summoning recipes, and all fall from differing creatures. While these drop one at a time from most of the monsters you'll slay, some give more. This will tell you what basic creatures will drop what and isn't an all inclusive list at all.

Jogres - Level 53, You are going to find these on Karamja. These can poison so you'll have to battle them while drinking a lot of antipoison potions. But as you battle, you should be rewarded with some charms at the end of it.

Ogres - Level 53, You are going to find ogres all over. Most will drop charms but there is some that will not. These non-charm dropping ogres are going to be in Ling Lathas' Training Camp.

Ice Giants - Level 53, You are going to go to the White Wolf Mountain tunnels or the caves in the quest for the Knight's Sword. The ice giants are a battle, but they are one of the creatures that will drop charms.

Basilisks - Level 61, they will require a level 40 in Slayer to kill. For these you'll be going to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.

Bloodvelds - Level 76, they will require a level 50 in Slayer to kill. For Bloodvelds you are going to be in God Wars Dungeon or in the Canifis Slayer Tower on the second floor.

Fire Giants - Level 86, you are going to be going to the Baxtorian Falls. Keep killing and eventually they will stop attacking when you've been there long enough.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Event in runescape

Free member can do this and also any lvl members can do this quest.


North of the falador or east of rimmington or lumbridge's head snow imp


speak to head snow imp,after that he will sent you a necklace.You can summon a snow imp with the necklace.Than you can find prince jack frost with checking snow imp . Remember ,you can just find jack frost in snow(you can find it in the mape,just white).But snow imp just told you the General location of the jack frost.on the earth ,where is it? you must find it place by place.

possible place:

ice mountain, round to the west and north of the black knight fortress

south of barbarian village

west of the grand exchange, where the canoe station is, south of luciens house

just south of the grand exchange, north of the bank

just west of the jolly boar in, next to the lumber yard

by the fence surrounding the lumber yard

south of varrock, east of the dark wizards

north of draynor manor

in the south eastern corner inside falador

north of thurgo the dwarf

wizards tower

lumbridge swamp

lumbridge cows, top right corner

After find jack frost and told to him ,you will be transfer to another place.

He ask you to fight,do not worry , you can easily fight him down.After that ,queen of snow will appear,talk with queen of snow, help queen of snow's husband , jack frost's daddy---Santa Claus defrost

You can get a Christmas dress(no Christmas cup) and new emote

Monday, 21 December 2009

All About Rare Items In Runescape

Yes it's sad but true. Personally I don't know why Jagex did this, but I'm sure they have their reasons.

I suppose the holiday drops and rare items show how long that someone has been playing, so you can show them off as an achievement. Or perhaps they don't like the fact that some people (Smart people) will hoard loads of holiday drops for themselves, buying them from anyone else that has them, or starting bogus accounts and collecting holiday drops, then when the holiday drop event is over and it's not longer possible to get them, the hoarder would charge a TON of money for each one. Since they're no longer available, people will pay big money for them.

Personally I don't think that it's a horrible thing, but it does present people with an opportunity to collect large amounts of gold and sell it on ebay for example, that's a bad thing as it's against the rules and encourages people to use auto miners etc to gain cheap runescape gold.

Okay, now that we've established a bit of background information on the rare items in runescape, it's time to get down to the specifics of a few of the more popular holiday drops.

The most commonly talked about runescape rare item is the party hat, sometimes called phats for short. They come is 6 different colours, red, yellow, blue, green, white and purple.

Pretty bad graphics by it's one of the rare items in runescape and presumably it's value will constantly increase.

Another rare item is the santa hat. This was a christmas holiday drop in 2002. Again, very rare and highly priced. Not sure about how much it costs compared with the party hats.

And finally, the last tradeable runescape rare item holiday drop that I'm going to talk about, is the halloween masks. As far as I know there were only 3 colours and other than that, they looked exactly the same. It could have been picked up on halloween 2002.

In 2003 and beyond, holiday drops were made to be no longer tradeable, and will never be tradeable for the forseeable future. So if you want holiday drops you'll have to either shell out massive sums of money for the old ones that are tradeable, or wait until the next holiday event to be able to get your own, for free of course :) I hope that has helped you gain a bit of insight into the world of rare items and holiday drops in runescape. I also hope to teach you much more in the future, such as how to get a ton of money in runescape.

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Making Money With Yew Longs

Throughout Runescape, making money is possible in millions of ways! Another way that you can make some quick money is through high alchemy and I mean you can make a lot of money when doing this. The other option is to get all the items and sell them. It may take some time to do but the amount of coins you get in return will be quite satisfying.

You can either high alchemy or low alchemy your items that you create but I suggest you to high alchemy all of them instead. Doing this will bring in more money(cheap runescape gold) and help you save more money at the same time. To start making real money with this, you must achieve the minimum requirements.

Woodcutting: 60

Fletching: 70

Magic: 55

Mining: 1

Runecrafting: 44

Crafting: 10

After achieving all of the requirements, complete the following the steps below to start making millions!

1.) You will start off by cutting 2,000 yews. It will take a while to get all of it but the best way to do it is cut 1,000 and then go to the next step. Once you complete all the steps, you can do it again.

2.) Now with your fletching high enough to cut yew longs, fletch all your logs to yew longs (u).

3.) Head over to Seers Village and pick up 2,000 flax.

4.) Take your 2,000 flax and spin them into bowstrings in the spinning wheel.

5.) Use the bowstrings with the yew longs (u) to make them into yew longs.

(Skip this step if you prefer to sell your items instead at the end.)

6.) With your Runecrafting level high enough to make nature runes, you will need to head over to Varrock and mine enough rune essences to make 2,000 nature runes. Without these, you will not able to high alchemy anything.

7.) Have a fire talisman with you and then you are now done with getting all the items needed to high alchemy all your yew longs! You can either high alchemy or sell all the items needed to make them.

8.) High Alchemy 2,000 Yew Longs = 1,360,000

9.) 2,000 Yews = 660,000

2,000 Bowstrings = 400,000

2,000 Flax = 200,000

2,000 Natures = 440,000

Total = 1,700,000

10.) Above you can see your return for which you are choosing to do. I would highly suggest you to go with selling all the items since you can make a little more. In other hand, you can avoid having to search for buyers and high alchemy all the yew longs.

Congratulations on making your money the legal way! Repeat these steps again if you would like to be a multi-millionaire on Runescape!

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Saturday, 19 December 2009

RuneScape Wilderness Survival Guide

The Wilderness, where unlucky players meet their doom. There are some things you can do to protect yourself.

a survival kit may help you.

Survival Kit:

Food; tuna is a good choice

Light armor; leather or dragon hide is great for this

Light Weapon; a dagger, maybe

Note: this is only a suggestion, not needed, but it can help you. After you have some stuff like that, look at your map and figure out why your going there and where your going. the wilderness is much more dangerous otherwise. Get your run maxed out, your prayer full if you want to use that. find the shortest way to your destination and stick to it. If you look at the items on the ground, it looks as if they are luring you farther in: a trail of coins, runes, etc. Don’t follow them, just go straight to your destination. when you get there find out your surroundings to see the quickest way out of there if you need to run or a hiding place, whatever you may need. You never know when a revenant will decide to come and kill you.

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